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As head of the CHARGE, LLC branding and content team, Jesse Ghiorzi discovers, defines and develops brands and positioning strategies for individuals and organizations. Ghiorzi, who also specializes in media relations and content development, works on branding and strategy for all CHARGE clients. Before joining CHARGE, Ghiorzi directed public relations, social media and ticket sales at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. He got his start in sports with the Texas Tornado, a junior hockey (NAHL) team, before a stint at the Columbus Blue Jackets. Born and raised in New York, Ghiorzi graduated from Miami University. He lives in Broad Ripple with his wife, Chelsi, a psychologist, and two dogs with sports-themed names.
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Consulting, Sports Business

What is Consulting?

One thing people say often about consulting is that it’s ‘telling you what to do, but not actually doing it.’ Still, others may think about specific firms they know of or have worked with, and many people have at least heard the term ‘Big Four.’ 

The truth is consulting is so much more than all of that. At its core, consulting is bringing in someone outside your company to help solve a problem. Companies solve problems themselves all the time, so why would they need a consultant?

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Branding, Sports Business, Personal Branding

Brand Now. Bank Later.

The average professional athlete’s career lasts just a handful of years, leaving an enormous amount of time to fill after their playing days. Even the legends that play into their 40s have decades of life left to live as a non-athlete.

One of the biggest ways an athlete can set themselves up for a successful career after sports is by developing a strong personal brand. The key is to start early and build the brand while they’re still actively playing, when interest in them is at its highest. You don’t have to do it this way (just look at Michael Strahan) but athletes who do this have a leg up when the time comes to hang it up. Here are a few athletes that have nailed it.

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Events, Sports Business, Social Media

Are TV Ratings Still Relevant?

TV ratings have been a popular way to track the success of an event and health of a league or sport for as long as they have been measured. They are an easily digestible number that everyone can understand, from the water cooler to the boardroom. 

But are they still relevant in a time when fans follow games in a number of other ways?

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Sports Business, Personal Branding, Social Media

Surprises from the CHARGE 25 Under 25 Index

When we created the CHARGE 25 Under 25 index, we thought we knew which athlete brands were bubbling above the rest. Our goal was to put data first and remove subjectivity so this list is supported by facts, not opinion. Many of the names bandied about ended up making the list, but there were also several surprises in name, sport and market.

Here are three times the outcomes caught us by surprise.

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Branding, Sports Business, Personal Branding

So what is the CHARGE 25 Under 25 Index?

Which athlete’s brand is on the rise? Who should we sign to an endorsement deal? How did that trade/controversy/event impact this athlete’s brand?

We’ve been hearing these questions from clients for years. Scroll the internet and you’ll find a variety of names and opinions on the best personal brands, most of them subjective. We wanted to put some data behind our answers and remove subjectivity.

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Branding, Sports Business, Corporate Branding, Social Media

Stretching Your Marketing Budget with Social Influencers

As we mentioned in our previous blog, people trust influencer’s recommendations almost as much as those of their friends. According to Nielsen, trust in paid online/mobile advertising peaked at 48%. If the most trusted online ads are on par with social influencers (49%), it’s easy to see why an influencer campaign might make sense for you.

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Branding, Corporate Branding, Social Media

Using Social Influencers to Promote Your Business

What is a social influencer?  

Simply put, it’s someone that has the trust of an audience. Often, but not always, it’s an audience within a specific industry or interest in a certain topic. It’s also usually a large one, but that can be subjective based on the area.

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Branding, Personal Branding, Social Media

Four Ways for Executives to Improve Their Social Media

As executives, we’re all busy, yet we all say social media is important. So, how do we get better on social media when we barely have time for lunch? 

First, why is it important? Your audience is on there, posting about their interests, hobbies and lifestyles. Digital is baked into every marketing plan, so you can get a better understanding of what it all means if you’re on the main networks yourself. We know you’re busy, so let’s get into some actionable ways to get better on social media immediately.

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Branding, Consulting, Esports, Sponsorships, Sports Business, Personal Branding

Going Mainstream with eSports Players and Teams

As eSports continues to grow, one major lingering question remains: What will it take for eSports to reach the casual fan and cross over into the mainstream? 

For the die-hards, close matchups, great stats and in-game storylines are enough of a hook. But to attract casual fans, there needs to be something more. The players have to crossover because of their personalities, interests and activities away from the sport.

Here are three ways leagues and teams put their talent in a position to reach new and more fans.

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Branding, Content Marketing, Personal Branding

What a speech can do for your personal brand

The opportunity

If you like movies, music and seeing people walk the red carpet in their designer labels, then you probably love awards season. Celebrities often use their time on stage to “thank the Academy”, talk about their passions or say “goodnight” to their kids. Savvy celebrities do or say something that pushes their personal brand forward. Other times, it goes very wrong. While we won’t have as many eyeballs as these celebs, we can still learn something from their acceptance speeches for use in our own lives. 

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