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Three Ways to Make Your Company's Press Releases Relevant

It’s easy to fall into the trap of sending out press releases about your company or organization that simply get the news out. But how do we make our press releases relevant so they have a higher likelihood of success?

Members of the media receive more press releases in a day than you can imagine, and it’s difficult to cut through the clutter. Here are three things you can do right now to make your press release more relevant:

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Three Keys to Event Sponsorship

Most events don't happen without sponsors, so how do you make sure your event is sponsor-friendly? Here are three keys to creating an event that is attractive to sponsors: 

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Three Ways to Identify the Value of Media Hits

Determining the value of public relations efforts isn’t always easy, but it’s important we have a way to measure the return on investment so we have an understanding of the impact of media coverage. 

Here are a few ways public relations professionals identify the value of media hits:

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Three Ways Your Executive Brand Can Improve Your Company

Individuals are not the only ones who benefit from having a strong personal brand. A strong brand can, and should, improve the business you work for.

Here are three ways your personal brand as an executive can improve your company:

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A Professional's Guide to Creating Your Personal Brand

A lot of people talk about personal branding, but many of them are unclear on how to create a brand of their own and leverage the power of one. 

A personal brand is a valuable tool that helps you increase your network, elevate your influence and even raise your income. But what is a personal brand? Why is it important? How do you create a personal brand? Just as importantly, how do you promote it and maintain it?

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