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Spicing Up Long-Standing Events While Staying True to Your Brand

This year, the 141st Westminster Dog Show added cats, updating an event with a long-established reputation. It’s not uncommon to see brands shake things up to drive new interest. For example, the NFL Pro Bowl and NHL All-Star Game have tinkered with their format often after years of the same setup.

But the real question is does changing things up really work? We’ll take two looks at this - one from the events side and another from the brand perspective.

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Going Mainstream with eSports Players and Teams

As eSports continues to grow, one major lingering question remains: What will it take for eSports to reach the casual fan and cross over into the mainstream? 

For the die-hards, close matchups, great stats and in-game storylines are enough of a hook. But to attract casual fans, there needs to be something more. The players have to crossover because of their personalities, interests and activities away from the sport.

Here are three ways leagues and teams put their talent in a position to reach new and more fans.

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4 Brands Who Stayed Authentic With Big Game Commercials

For years, the Big Game has been an opportunity for brands to achieve incredible exposure, albeit at an enormous price. The challenge lies in creating a campaign (or four) that is memorable and true to brand. These four brands checked off both boxes with a permanent marker:

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Guest Blog: Tone is Key

Have you ever said something that sounded so clear to you, but nevertheless, it was misunderstood? Perhaps it was in a presentation, a business meeting or in a conversation during a professional networking event. The issue may not be what you said, but it may be how you said it and more importantly, how it was heard. For example, when a teenager comes home from school and walks in the house and mom or dad asks, “How was your day?” and that well-intentioned teenager quickly responds, “fine”, the tone of that answer could be the difference between free time and discussion time. In other words, “fine” can mean so many things depending upon the tone with which that simply/complex word is delivered.

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What a speech can do for your personal brand

The opportunity

If you like movies, music and seeing people walk the red carpet in their designer labels, then you probably love awards season. Celebrities often use their time on stage to “thank the Academy”, talk about their passions or say “goodnight” to their kids. Savvy celebrities do or say something that pushes their personal brand forward. Other times, it goes very wrong. While we won’t have as many eyeballs as these celebs, we can still learn something from their acceptance speeches for use in our own lives. 

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